talking point

but we're connecting people

A perplexing statement that Facebook uses to justify anything bad that happens on its platform.

An expression used frequently by social media companies that overstates the value of their services—and shirks responsibility for their actions.

Facebook is the classic offender. In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg declared that connectivity is a “human right” that “encourages worldwide prosperity.” In the years since, however, the social media platform has been used to incite violence in Myanmar, sway elections in the US and UK, and broadcast murder and suicide, among other harms.

Few people think Facebook should be less committed to connecting people. It simply sidesteps the implications. The British Empire was also just connecting people.

“I think it’s clear that just helping people connect by itself isn’t always positive. A much bigger part of the focus for me now is making sure that as we’re connecting people, we are helping to build bonds and bring people closer together, rather than just focused on the mechanics of the connection and the infrastructure.” -- Zuckerberg in Vox

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